Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Restart (WIP)

So, I'm thinking of starting Eucleides over, and using the new 60 day trial to do it. Not sure what I'm going to do with him. So, I wrote some fiction, hoping it might help a little in my decision.

“I'm thinking of starting over.”

“How do you mean?”

“I've heard that there is a way to transfer into a new body, start over your life as a capsuleer, thinking about maybe trying that out.”

Eucleides had contacted Abby and Ligand to discuss 'urgent matters that requires your advice,' as the message read. Here they were in person now, stuck at the back of a pub they frequented in Jita. This was the matter that Euc needed to discuss, it seemed.

“Okay, I can understand, to a point, needing to redo, but that drastic,” Abby questioned.

“Indeed, my sec status is low enough, and I've basically got nothing. Plus I put in all that mining stuff- no offense Lig- and I'm just not wanting to do that at the moment. If I restart, I can focus on certain aspects and go from there.”

“First, nothing wrong with being able to get some minerals or ice, you know,” Ligand interjected, “second, how are you going to do this? As far as I know, no cloning facility offers such a thing.”

“True, it is not offered by basic cloning facilities. However, there ARE less than legal ways of getting this procedure.”

“Wait, what,” Abby exclaimed, “you're going to go to some back-ass deep space facility?”

“Of course not! I'd like to keep my brain alive. The Caldari actually have a great facility that does this, expensive though it may be.”

“But how? It's not like you can just change brains with the flip of a switch-”

“Actually it is almost as simple as that. There is a machine that can temporarily hold your conscience and then insert your conscience either back into your body, or into a new one.”
“Well where the hell you going to get a new body from? Do those just grow on trees nowadays,” Abby remarked sarcastically.

“Close enough. With the cloning tech that this place has, you can customize your body, even your race, to your specifications. Not that I'm going to change much, if anything. I'll still be me, just a clean slate. I can focus on...oh I don't even know what, but I'll be different. I'll be focused, start off small, specialize in Interceptors, something, I don't know. But, I really think this is the right decision. Lig, you've been awfully quiet, thoughts,” Eucleides posed.

“Yeah whatever, do as you want. My thing is, they only allow your name once on a capsuleer license, for all podders, so what's your new name going to be? Huh? It isn't like you can just stay 'Eucleides'. And 'Eucleides v2' or 'Eucleides 2.0' are out because then people will know you underwent this fairly illegal procedure. So?”

“True, that does pose a problem, and I'm still not sure. 'Euc' would be open, as it isn't the same, and it does let me keep the important part of the name. We'll see, I guess. You're basing this on the assumption that I actually go through with this, though. And I'm still making up my mind on that. If I do, we should take advantage of those new sixty day licenses. I'd have a lot to make up. Going from over nine mil units back to basics. Oh man that would be a pain.”

“And yet you're still thinking about doing it,” Abby countered.

“We'll see. We'll see.”

“You know,” Ligand remarked, “I distinctly recall you wanting to be a Logistics pilot a while back. You could always go for that. And those Recon ships wouldn't be too far off.”

“Are you seriously encouraging this,” Abby exclaimed, “you can't be serious!”

“Well, in the long run, it's his decision. I'm just providing more options for him to focus on. Besides, until he finds some new pvp corp that'll take him as a Logi, or even new pirate, or whatever, he'll have to stick around us for a while. And even better, this means we are now ahead of him in skill.”

“Not experience, though. I'll still have my memories and what not.”

“Hun,” Ligand put a hand on Eucleides' shoulder, “experience doesn't help you if you haven't the skills or weapons to do the job properly.”

In the long-run, I think I will go for logi/recon, because Guardians and Curses are awesome. But I'm just sad to be MAYBE getting rid of my oldest character. Though, might keep him around for prosperity's sake. Not like I'll be able to use his full name anyway. I don't know. We'll see what the situation is like come the 16th when I resub.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Banter 29(WIP/I'm just not sure where to go with it)

"EVE Online is renowned for it's depth. Its backstory, gameplay and social aspects are all qualities that draw players in. What does immersion in EVE Online mean to you?"

Definition of IMMERSION

:the act of immersing or the state of being immersed: as

a : baptism by complete submersion of the person in water

b : absorbing involvement <immersion in politics>

c : instruction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions that are native or pertinent to the object of study; especially : foreign language instruction in which only the language being taught is used immersion>


Immersion. As a person who spends only a few months at a time due to finances and college education, being able to involve myself in Eve somehow becomes a interesting and somewhat difficult past time. I call it difficult because you are, in fact, without any means of interacting within the game. While many will say that immersion does not need the game, and they're right, to an extent. There is twitter and the #tweetfleet, which I have found to be a valuable asset to the socialization of Eve Online. I have met and interacted with numerous pilots that I would never have met or even heard of in game. And even better, I have been more recently getting really into a lot of the lore and roleplay aspect of the game. After tech4news.org, a recently created roleplay news group, posted their first story, I started looking at sites like the Eve wiki page. The things people do in-game are fantastically complicated and time consuming, or at least seem so.

I have been playing Eve since May 2008, when I signed up for the 14-day free trial. Didn't sub until July the same year, and have been subbing on and off since. And here I am, on Twitter, as part of the #tweetfleet, getting involved with other people from the game, and it is SO MUCH FUN!! This is what I would call immersion, and this is only one horrible example. People get so much more into this. Podcasts...hooo boy aren't those a fantastic example!

On Abby's parents:

May YC112- Parents abducted; June YC112- 18th bday; December YC112- Became capsuleer; June YC113- 19th bday; October YC113- current

Abby stared at the picture of her parents. Tears started to fill her eyes as she started daydreaming of her childhood. Only a month before her eighteenth birthday, her parents had disappeared during one of the first full-scale incursions by Sansha's Nation forces in the system of Ashab. They shouldn't have been there, it was frustratingly depressing thinking about it. Her parents worked within the administrations of a couple of the smaller corporations supporting the Caldari State. Lauren Baxter, her mother, surprisingly had meetings with some interested investors on a planet in Ashab, Abby never did find out which planet. Abby's father, Kent Baxter, went along with his wife. Her parents tended to go on what they called “business vacations”. If one had a meeting and the other did not, they would both take time off around those dates and sight-see or do something, whatever they felt like doing at the time. Abby faintly remembered having gone on a couple of these trips when she was younger, but after she turned 10, her parents had stopped taking her with them. Her parents shouldn't have been in Ashab on the day of the incursion because they had told her they would leave that morning- the incursion in Ashab didn't happen until around 17:00. And yet, she hadn't heard from them at all that day, nor has she heard from them since then. She's played with the idea that something happened to them before the incursion with the Nation had even occurred, but that seemed too ridiculous. And it isn't like their disappearance couldn't have been avoided. The attack by the Nation was late enough in the day, and the Nation had already attacked three other systems, one in each of the other empires. After reports that Sansha forces were abducting people off of planets and some reports even stated that a few civilian ships were hijacked or otherwise taken, people should have hidden or gone into bunkers. But dammit, why her parents?! What were they doing? So many questions, but no answers. Though Abby was certain that any answers she did get would only result in more questions. Damn those Amarr! They should have known, they should have been prepared! And all the capsuleers, why good were they in these incursions?! She realized the irony of that thought the moment she said it.

'No...fuck you, brain,' she yelled at herself within her mind, 'I did this to find my parents! If I continue to build a rapport with the Navy, they might be able to get me some kind of information.'

You could always talk with other capsuleers, people who have been in incursions.

'What?! No! I don't need other people.

You are but nineteen years old! There is no reason for you to do it alone! Just ask someone from the comm center, can't be that hard.

'You know what, fine! I'll give it a try sometime, and when that doesn't work...then we'll go with my original plan of blow shit up, make connections, profit, and then ask questions later. Bitch.'

I heard that...I am just you, y'know. You aren't crazy, just having a conversation based on reasoning and logic with yourself in your head, about what you're going to do. It happens.

'Does it? Does it, really?'


But I don't even know who I'd ask. I don't know who would have been in that incursion,” Abby spoke to her empty bedroom. Glancing at the clock, she saw how horribly late her daydreaming had made it. She'd mull it over some more in her head while she slept.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Possible character origins




21 years of age

Capsuleer: 3.5 years; May, 2008

Became capsuleer after talked into it by old friend, Tulkikis. Started as mission runner, left the pod to travel for 2 months after mission-running corp war-dec'd. Came back

to old corp, continued mission-running. No reason to mission other than financial. Dabbled in null-sec wars and faction warfare. Returned to missioning. Tired of killing invaders, ventured to low-sec to join a pirate Alliance. While not all that lucrative, the pirate life ended up being enjoyable. Currently stuck in Brin system with -7.42 security status.

Ligand Nital:



20 years of age

Capsuleer: 10 years; Eve year: current-10

Industrialist, mining orientation. Currently inactive, but can use tier 3 exhumers(maybe T2 Exhumers, ex. Hulk). Near perfect refining, can make a fair amount given enough time. Capsuleer because it's tradition for her family. The Nitals become capsuleers at age 10 and usually join the war effort against the Amarrians. Was not interested in fighting, traveled New Eden looking for work as a miner. Met Eucleides during her travels, became good friends, benefiting each other, esp during Euc's time in piracy.

Abby Baxter:



19 years of age

Capsuleer: 10 months

While her parents were away in Amarr space, one of the first Incursions happened above the planet her parents were supposed to be on. After not hearing from them for over a month, Abby became a capsuleer in order to search for them and to fight the wretched Sansha. Because of Amarr inaction in the area to defend against the Sansha, Abby blames them for the kidnapping and possible death of her parents. Biased against Amarrians, and taught from birth the hardships Caldarians faced from the Gallente, Abby is Caldari to the bone, choosing to fly ships of the state only. While traveling through Caldari space, Abby helped a Minmatar industrialist being attacked by Sansha frigates. Though the Mammoth was in no real danger, as the damage was not enough to penetrate its shields, the pilot was grateful and started a conversation through the neocom system. This is how Abby and Ligand met. Through Ligand, Abby was introduced to Eucleides. Abby was wary of Eucleides at first, considering her past history. Though Euc was not near them, as he was stuck in low-sec, the three kept in touch.

Goals: Abby is training to be useful as a member of an anti-Incursion force within Caldari space. Always on the lookout for any sign of her parents, she does not think twice about engaging enemy Sansha fleets in missions, even despite unfavorable odds. She hopes that one day she will find a Sansha willing to talk, and find out what happened to the two important persons taken from her so abruptly. On the other hand, Abby has also become fond of the aspect of capsuleer fighting, after hearing stories from Euc. She has especially taken a liking to the aspect of mercenary work and hopes to one day join the Noir. Mercenary Group, if they'll take her.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Longing

Abby looked out the station window as she sat at her desk. It didn't matter that there was nothing but cold, unforgiving darkness out there. It called to her. However, because she had become a capsuleer at a young age, without the necessary need for parental consent, her contract with the cloning facilities mandated that she take classes for a few months at a time before she would be allowed to fly again.

“Miss Baxter, would you care to explain what it is you find so fascinating out that window,” the middle-aged teacher at the front of the room asked.

“N-nothing, actually, ma'am,”Abby stammered, “it's just...calling out to me.”

The room filled with murmurs and snickering.

“What?! It's true! Geez, you all have no imagination, huh?”

“Imagination is not what we're here for,” came a voice from the back of the room.

“Yeah, well it's not like I chose to be here, either way,” Abby replied.

“Enough! Miss Baxter, you are the only capsuleer in this class, and while we welcome you, please restrain yourself from being a nuisance.”

“Yes ma'am.”

“Now, we will continue on page 36 of the text, 'Caldari Foreign policy during peacetime'.”

“You should really stop daydreaming in class, Abs,” chided her good friend Vel. Vel was a mortal. A station dweller on his way toward a promising career under the Caldari Ambassador for the Minmatar. 'Though brutish and violent, they have a way of making the other races-even us Caldari-look like primitives,' Vel had told her, once. He was stout, atypical of a man of his character. Although he was shorter and a little pudgier than most Ashura his age, he made up for it in strength, wisdom and kind attitude.

“Well, it's not my fault they put me in the only class that goes to rooms all on the OUTSIDE of the station. It's just cruel. And I thought I told you to stop calling me 'Abs'!”

“Psh, I will never stop calling you that, you know it. And I seriously doubt they put us in those rooms purposely because you're in the class. It's gotta just be coincidence.”

Vel gestured at the window in front of them. “At least none of the windows let you see this. It would drive you insane.”

Abby scoffed. Their view through the window was of the undock area of the station. All the ships coming and going, idling or zooming around. It put her back in her drake, taking orders from her various agents, going and destroying enemy ships. She did not like to think of the people inside. Most of those ships were not capsuleer ships, and had a full crew, which ranged in number from 100-1000+ depending on the ship size. Abby had chosen not to run with a crew, as she tended to be somewhat reckless in the field and would feel guilty about any unnecessary deaths. It also doesn't help that she's only nineteen and most crew personnel would never work under such a young captain, not if they didn't have to.

“So when do you go back out,” Vel asked.

“Another couple of months, during our 'winter' break. We get a month or so off, right? So I'm going to take that time to make some contacts. Try to get some information about my parents. There's this new news group, Tech 4 News, they did a piece on wormholes and those 'Sleepers', and I figured if they're really into wormholes, they must have information on the Sansh-”

“SHHH Shhh Shh shh!! People are already jumpy, they don't need to see-slash-hear a capsuleer,” Vel motioned at Abby, “getting all worked up about them.”

“Oh please, like hearing a name is going to incite a riot.”

“If you wish to start the Caldari/Gallente war again, you only need say two names to the right groups of people,” Vel stated matter-of-factly.

“Okay okay...but the hive, and their leader won't do that. Hell, the worst that could happen is that people start spreading rumors of another, nearby attack. Which, yeah I could get in trouble for, but people aren't going to flee the station. You all will sit in here nice and cozy unless a 'Mom' shows up-”

“Oh good lord! Have you no tact, woman!?”

“Veliander Caroose, love ya and all, but even for a politically correct fool as yourself, you've got an extra-rigid stick up your ass today. What's bothering you?”

“L-love? Wait, no, not the point. The 'stick up my ass' is that...well, I don't know. You just don't seem to care about what anyone thinks of you. You daydream all day, speak out of turn, speak about things that you really shouldn't, considering you basically work for the State, and if you get caught speaking like that...there will be dire consequences. And just think what will happen to me if I'm near you when that happens!”

“You'd probably lose your chance with the Caldari ambassadorship, but I would expect the Matari would love you,” Abby stuck her tongue out at Vel just to make sure he knew she was joking.

Abby awoke to the blaring alarms within the station and the garbled station comms yelling something monotone at the inhabitants. Abby wasn't too worried. The mortals had the safety of the station, and she was immortal, practically. So everyone SHOULD be safe from it, whatever 'it' was. After clearing her mind and waking up a little more, Abby heard the announcement much more clearly.

“Attention, attention. An artificial wormhole has been reported in the Region.”

“Well...FUCK,” Abby exclaimed as her doorbell sounded under the din of the announcement. “Well, c'mon in, this can't get any worse of a morning.”

“Abby,” Vel's voice was weak and full of fear, “Abby where are you?”

“On the couch, come sit here next to me!”

Vel entered from the front hall by the door and planted himself between Abby, on the couch, and the holographic screens on the wall. “How can you just sit there so calm? There are Sansha in the region! God, what am I going to do?!”

“Vel, a couple of things. One, you have never been religious, so don't ask 'God', he'll never answer. Two, you need to calm your shit, or explain to me why you're a nervous wreck all of a sudden. They aren't in this system so even if they attacked stations, we'd be okay.”

“They're reportedly in my home system! I know my family are all in stations, but...if I ever lost my sister, I don't know what I'd do. How do you cope so well? Would have thought you would be one to go defend...why aren't you?!”

“Alright, now you're just being an ass. Cope?! Who the fuck can cope with family just up and disappearing, eh? You don't...and I never will. And as you already fucking know, my hangar is locked off from me because I'm not licensed. I would love to go out there, shoot any and all Sansha I can find, but I can't. So I shall sit here, brood on this fact, and rely on the other capsuleers to do the right thing.”

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ninja and her friend WIP

“Alright Abby, you all set?” Tulkikis messaged in the private channel.

“Yep, it's all on you now, mate.” She replied.

“Okay, well, here goes nothing, then.”

'Hey, I just accepted a level 4 class mission, but all I have is a Battlecruiser, my tank should do just fine, but could some one help a bit with the damage side of things?' Appeared in the System messaging box.

Silence. Absolute silence. During the intense wait, Abby could feel the anxiety building, this plan would work, and it would work well, they just needed a person or two to respond.

Please, dammit! Just answer the man! Someone here has got to be enough of an idiot! C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon! C'MON!!

Abby stirred in her pod, in her Heron frigate, waiting impatiently to hear from Tulk about someone contacting him to help.

“Anything, Tulk?”

“Hold on, got a private message going, it's looking promising.”

“You bastard, could have told me sooner, I'm over here freaking the fuck out!
“Yeah yeah yeah...”

“Yeah what?”

“...1 sec”

“What? What the hell is going on over there?”

After a minute of so without a response, Abby got even more restless. She wanted to do this, she was waiting for the chance to use her skills for something new. What Tulk, Ligand, and Abby and come up with was an elaborate way to essentially scam people. Ligand had had a conversation with some other capsuleers about something called ninja salvaging. The basis was that you probe down mission runners, hopefully doing level 4's, and then run in and salvage the wrecks and get out as fast as possible. However, with the tactic Abby and Tulk were using, they would get some one to “help” Tulkikis on a level 4 mission. After a while, Abby would try to find Tulk ASAP using her little probing frigate. Once Abby had found and gone to Tulk, running missions, she would use her ship, be it frigate, destroyer, or cruiser, to salvage the wrecks in the mission. If the helper was deemed enough of an idiot, Tulk might be able to get them to shoot at Abby-she chuckled at the thought-if she did ever get shot at, well then CONCORD would have a few words about NOT shooting random neutrals in space with a .5 security status or higher system.

Oh fuck it, I'll at least start getting ready. Abby thought to herself. And with a quick thought began launching a group of four combat probes. Tulk's in a BattleCruiser, I'll see if I can find him real quick before I need to get focused. Abby went through the process of setting her probes and scanning around.

After a minute or two she had found a few Battlecruiser signatures. She refined her searches and pinned down each one til she found a signature that was by the station Tulkikis was supposed to be by.

“Hey Tulk, it's been a while. Any good news?”

“Yeah, we got one. He's only a cruiser, so we're waiting for a Gunnery support skill to finish its first level real quick. Should be only another couple of minutes. Anything on your end to report?”

“Pretty sure I found you, you ARE outside of Penirgman IX Internal Order station, right? I'm getting a Harbinger reading near that station, and if that isn't you, then that's going to be a slight problem.”

“Should be me. I'm not seeing any others on my overview. It's actually kind of creepy how fast you're doing that nowadays.”

“Psh, it really isn't that hard. And I especially don't see why people need 5 or 6 probes, I use 4 and can usually get 100% signals in a minute or 2.”

“Exactly, creepy fast!”

“Hahaha, I suppose. So this guy is in a Cruiser class, what kind?”

“Omen, guy's name is...”

“I don't care for names, long as we get the salvage, and maybe a little loot :D,” Abby thought out the text for the neocom chat with Tulk.

“Yeah yeah yeah, well you don't have to deal with these little dumb-asses.”

“Neither do you, really. Just tell them go for anything destroyer or below, maybe a cruiser if they can handle it, and just make sure they don't start looting til the mission is over.” Abby recalled a situation a day or two ago where the “mark” had started looking in the middle of the mission. Started grabbing all the best-named stuff he could find. Tulk noticed that wrecks were starting to go empty, and mentioned it to the guy. No reply. So Tulk effortlessly dropped him from fleet. Without noticing that he had been de-fleeted, the idiot took loot from the closest wreck, which would not have been his, so he became flashy red to Tulk. They brought in Ligand as support, her first combat kill.

Abby kind of wished she could be in Tulk and Ligand's Corporation, but to continue the illusion of a ninja salvager, she couldn't. One of these days soon the three of them would have a small meeting and see if they couldn't come up with a way to get away with ninja salvaging-with a likelihood of getting shot at- while in the same corp. The only thing Abby could think of is to start going around, and take, while not in fleet, from one of the wrecks they know is the “mark's” in the hopes that it makes her flashy red to him/her. If it does and she gets shot at, then Tulk would turn his attention straight to the guy, de-fleeting and hopefully popping him. It's just unfortunate how many new capsuleers are coming out of the academy less stupid than they used to.

“Alright, we're on our way off,” Tulk let Abby know, “going just right of the sun...20k au. Will let you know distance from the sun when we land.”

“Cool, I'll have to wait for you to land to start the probing. Is there an acceleration gate?” Abby replied.

“Yeah, there is, not sure if you'll have to deal with it or not if you come here. No rats out there, plenty in here though. And we're actually only about 15K au from the sun now.”

“Okay, thanks, I'll start my side now.” Abby made a mental note, I'm looking for a cruiser and battlecruiser in close proximity to each other, not all that far off from the sun. She fired off the next salvo of probes and began the fun, quick task of finding her friend. Cruiser, Battlecruiser selected. System scan, okay. Localize it. Got the two signatures close to each other. Get the battlecruiser first...done, bookmarked, now onto the cruiser. La la la la...oh sweet, right on top of each other. Should be them...HOPE it's them. Abby finished the scanning process, started her warp to station to get her cruiser, returned her probes. She thought about how silly the fitting on her Caracal was. Two Salvagers and three Heavy Missile Launchers in the highs, a fairly nice local shield tank in the mids, and some supporting mods for the lows. As well as a cap rig and a couple shield rigs. But really, who puts more than one salvager on a cruiser? Destroyers, of course, they were made for salvaging, but cruisers? Heh. This should catch our guy off balance.

Abby undocked in the ship, named “Loki”, after the old world's Norse god, who caused much mischief. She quickly warped to the bookmark she had for the Battlecruiser, letting Tulk know with a quick “On my way in, I think.”

“Good, there is plenty for you to grab, we're about 2/3 to half way through. Be wary though, there might be another wave or two,” warned Tulkikis.

“That's cool, this should be able to tank enough for me to get out in time. Even if I am in structure or something.”

Abby landed on the acceleration gate Tulk had told her about. She activated it, and all the shield mods in her mids, just in case. Inside the mission area, dozens of little yellow wrecks appeared on her HUD and Overview. She cracked her knuckles and neck inside her Pod, let's do this. She began the slow, arduous task of flying from wreck to wreck, doing what she could to get some good salvage and checking to see what loot the wrecks had, if any. Suddenly she heard the ever-threatening noise of the auto-targeting system. Her mark had just locked onto her. So he isn't THAT stupid, eh? Or maybe he IS, but he got the Concord warning about not shooting others lest you get punished? She was about to ask Tulkikis if he knew anything when a salvo of lasers hit her shields. He fired? Did he really? She checked her HUD to be sure. The guy had indeed fired at her, she was guessing as a warning shot, and now he was facing the wrath of those almighty “Cops of the Stars,” Concord.

“Permission to troll in local?” She questioned her older Amarrian friend.

“Duh! I can't believe you haven't already! Seriously can't believe he did that. His Pod is sill here; is he still red to you?”

“Yeah, I think so? I'm going to pod him if I can.”

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Future is now!

Actually, no it isn't. So, I was able to get online for a few days thanks to some promotion for 5 days free, that was good, got Abby nicely along for going into exploration and such. Which brings me to the point of the title. My RL buddy who got me into Eve and has been on hiatus for quite a while now, really wants to get back in the game. We've been attempting to figure out what our course of action will be once it gets to be a time that we can sub without repercussions (after school is out and final exams are over). Neither of us have ever put a concerted effort towards trade and manufacturing, nor have we done any actual exploration within New Eden. So the preliminary plan is to spend the first 1-3 weeks just mining the hell out of everything. During this time, we'll be watching the prices of different things to figure out what to manufacture, and then sell sell sell. Won't be that simple, I know, but again it's just preliminary planning. All the while, skills will be learned, bought, learned, and so on. Onward and upward towards...whatever we decide. For me, the first thing I'm doing when I get back in is either buying the exhumers skill and training that to 3 on Ligand, or I'm getting Abby into a cruiser with T2/best-named fits. Cruiser TBA, but the Navy Caracal looks nice (and it goes along with my friends exploration-based Omen Navy Issue), though a blackbird wouldn't be too bad an idea. I just can't ever remember if you can jam NPC's in anomolies, DED spaces, etc.

Oh, I should explain who Abby is and what-not. Abby is my to-be main. Eucleides is my almost 3yr ex-main, who I had do piracy and now has a -7.42 sec status(kind of useless in long run, now). Ligand is the second oldest. She's an industrial/hauler-based pilot. And Abby is now...3 months young and will be PvE oriented. I look forward to using Abby, as I'm trying something different with her, I'm going to see how RP works. Will probably be talking to Angus, the filthy role-player, from Fly Reckless podcast about how he got into RP and how he's able to keep it up. *snicker snicker...w/e*
I am setting some boundaries to the RP, though. I will probably not be speaking in character to my RL buddy while we are doing our whole thing. And this blog will be for both RP and not. Public chats that #tweetfleet members will be in...are up in the air about the RP, imo.

I have a couple of posts coming eventually. One is on how unsubbed people can be involved in the community without having an actual character. The other is a short story on the origins of Eucleides and my RL friend's toon, who will remain anonymous for the time being.

Well, that's the sitch at the moment. I'll attempt to keep you all up-to-date...ish.

Eucleides aka Ligand Nital aka Abby Baxter