Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Possible character origins




21 years of age

Capsuleer: 3.5 years; May, 2008

Became capsuleer after talked into it by old friend, Tulkikis. Started as mission runner, left the pod to travel for 2 months after mission-running corp war-dec'd. Came back

to old corp, continued mission-running. No reason to mission other than financial. Dabbled in null-sec wars and faction warfare. Returned to missioning. Tired of killing invaders, ventured to low-sec to join a pirate Alliance. While not all that lucrative, the pirate life ended up being enjoyable. Currently stuck in Brin system with -7.42 security status.

Ligand Nital:



20 years of age

Capsuleer: 10 years; Eve year: current-10

Industrialist, mining orientation. Currently inactive, but can use tier 3 exhumers(maybe T2 Exhumers, ex. Hulk). Near perfect refining, can make a fair amount given enough time. Capsuleer because it's tradition for her family. The Nitals become capsuleers at age 10 and usually join the war effort against the Amarrians. Was not interested in fighting, traveled New Eden looking for work as a miner. Met Eucleides during her travels, became good friends, benefiting each other, esp during Euc's time in piracy.

Abby Baxter:



19 years of age

Capsuleer: 10 months

While her parents were away in Amarr space, one of the first Incursions happened above the planet her parents were supposed to be on. After not hearing from them for over a month, Abby became a capsuleer in order to search for them and to fight the wretched Sansha. Because of Amarr inaction in the area to defend against the Sansha, Abby blames them for the kidnapping and possible death of her parents. Biased against Amarrians, and taught from birth the hardships Caldarians faced from the Gallente, Abby is Caldari to the bone, choosing to fly ships of the state only. While traveling through Caldari space, Abby helped a Minmatar industrialist being attacked by Sansha frigates. Though the Mammoth was in no real danger, as the damage was not enough to penetrate its shields, the pilot was grateful and started a conversation through the neocom system. This is how Abby and Ligand met. Through Ligand, Abby was introduced to Eucleides. Abby was wary of Eucleides at first, considering her past history. Though Euc was not near them, as he was stuck in low-sec, the three kept in touch.

Goals: Abby is training to be useful as a member of an anti-Incursion force within Caldari space. Always on the lookout for any sign of her parents, she does not think twice about engaging enemy Sansha fleets in missions, even despite unfavorable odds. She hopes that one day she will find a Sansha willing to talk, and find out what happened to the two important persons taken from her so abruptly. On the other hand, Abby has also become fond of the aspect of capsuleer fighting, after hearing stories from Euc. She has especially taken a liking to the aspect of mercenary work and hopes to one day join the Noir. Mercenary Group, if they'll take her.


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