Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break

So, as I said in my last post, I'm still a school kid. Right now I'm on spring break, really would like to play right now, but, still not a good idea. I'll be be on Eve in the summer though. :D
And, looking forward to this! Moa carnage! Thinking I might try Ouch Alliance for some PvP experience. Then, if I can, I'll try for Hellhounds maybe. I've recently become fascinated with Mynxee's blog, http://lifeinlowsec.blogspot.com/ . She and her gang of gals seem to be having way more fun than I thought low-sec pirates could. I'd be glad just to talk to them in-game. We shall see though. It's been around a year since I last did PvP. And with that being FW, I'm not really sure about this, gonna be different, that's for sure. For now I'm content with watching youtube vids, reading pirate blogs, and dev blogs. see you folks in-game in a few months. Not sure when the next post will be.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Looking ahead, with some detail in the past

“What the hell is this thing?!” I yell out to the hanger coordinator, Scotty.

“Your ship, what did you think?”

“Well I most definitely didn't expect this lump of metal.”

“This is a new model, so be nice! It's called a Moa.”

“A what-a?”

“Moa.” The answer was curt, annoyed.

“The hell's a Moa?”
“Big flightless bird, we have a couple in the zoo if you wanna see 'em. Real awkward looking.”

“Cap'n,” said a member of the crew, “this thing looks like a...hell I've no idea what it looks like.”

I turned around to the crew and smiled. “Yeah, I know what you mean. It looks like hell, but hey, we'll be kickin' some ass with this thing in no time.”

A round of cheers and general laughter met my ears. 'Just a few more months. That's all.' I thought. 'School can't keep me on this damn barge any more than that. I'll be done with classes for a period of time and I'll get to go fly this hunk of junk around.'

“Alright folks, let's go get some drinks before I have to go back and write those damned essays.” I exclaimed.

I laughed to myself about the bi-polar life I was starting. Training to become a police officer during the school year, but during the summer, instead of the same ol' boring missions, they all ended up melting together, I would be trying out something new. Pirating. I felt relieved that the school wouldn't be checking my sec status at the beginning of the next school year.

We arrived at the bar in time for happy hour. I bought a round of shots for the crew, all 20 of them. My bill was pretty big and I used the last bits of money to pay for it. So I called it a night and headed back to my place in the school area of the station.

I met up with my friend Ligand. It's always funny hanging out with her, considering the history. She was Minmatar, I was Amarrian, my people had once held hers in slavery. She didn't hold a grudge, she didn't against anyone. You could pop her ship and she'd start up a convo asking why but never being accusatory. We were kind of more than just friends, but had to keep it a low profile because of the race issue. We were both at school, learning how to uphold the laws. During the summers she ran around doing hauling jobs and mining like there was no tomorrow. She didn't necessarily like that I was going to try my hand at piracy, but as long as I stayed in low-sec for it, she didn't mind. “Low-sec miners deserve to pop,” she would say. She took care of all our expenses. I'd sold my “mine-ageddon” to help get the money for her mining barge and it's modules. She, in turn, had accumulated over 130 mil ISK. And where was I, with 5 mil ISK. She gave me money, since she was the one that made the most, and she didn't expect anything back, ever. I'd give her the majority of whatever I made doing missions, keeping enough to buy more missiles.

“You know,” she had once commented, “you're just full of ironies.”


“You're an Amarrian, dating a Minmatar, and you like flying Caldari ships, using Gallente drones.”

We both burst into laughter.

I had two classes in the afternoon, I decided it would be worth it to just hit the sack with Ligand and go to the gym in the morning, I'd work on the essays before class.