Sunday, August 22, 2010

Been a while, been fun

Ok, so, back to school time has come, and my pilot's license has expired. Once the semester ends-so, around midDecember, I might be able to get a month long license. Otherwise, Ligand and I are stuck in station. It was a great time flying with the pirate group Hellfleet, hopefully I'm not dropped from corp, but I understand if they do drop me. As long as I stay blue to them, that's all I can hope for. I, funnily enough, only got down to -7.4 during my time in the Hounds. And at one time I had a 40 mil ISK bounty on my head. I ended up either having glitchy controls, or my computer was just so outdated that I missed something, either way, I ended up getting podded right outside a station, such bullshit is what it is. I hadn't been outside station long enough for the guy to get a lock, and yet he did, and then the station/my pod wouldn't warp or dock. I'm not sure, but it's the past, though I do need to get new implants. No they aren't +5's but even the +3's or what ever they are help.
No matter.
The biggest irony of this whole situation is that I can now fly a Minny and possibly Caldari Battlecruiser better than I can a Battle cruiser of my own race. And I am even able to use the Tech 2 guns used mostly by the Minnies. Projectile! I have the ability of using T2 medium Auto's. WTF!? While my laser skills suck Gal balls *shudders*...the gallente, never flying one of their ships, ever. However, one of my corp mates, Eviwyn, she flies a MEAN drake. Think I might try to get a good drake going. Plus maybe get some more supporting skills for battleships, Amarr, Caldari, and Minmatar. Battleships are too much fun to fly, but expensive as hell. And Ligand doesn't make enough money to support my PvP habit, this much I've learned. She needs to get into a hulk, quick. But that'll take a while, which is not what i want.
So, until then, good luck, Kill lots, have fun.