Monday, June 21, 2010


So, I'm now a member of the somewhat well known pirate group known as HellFleet. Consisting of HellCats (you all know Mynxee), and HellHounds. There are a couple other smaller corps in the alliance, but I'm not sure what they do. Anyway, I've been having a LOT of fun with them and their friends Devious Decorum. We went on a...1-3 hour, 30-man roam Sunday, afternoon. We didn't find much to kill. And what we did find either warped out, or docked up when the gang hit system. I got onto 1 or two of the KM's. Couldn't do much in my crucifier and Omen. But with that Domi kill, that was just fine. What I have learned so far is that I cannot fit ships to save my life. Which is actually what you want to do, save your life. I will be refitting it. I also have learned that a BC is something you really need to have in order to do well in lowsec. It can take some hits from the sentry guns without dying as quick as frigs and cruisers do. It's really a debate between the Prophecy or the Hurricane. I've already flown the Prophecy before, and it was okay, but I would really like to try out the Hurricane. That'll take me 2 days to train to get into it. Then who knows how much longer to get the correct modules. Medium Projectiles. Shield or Armour tank. Drones I really don't need to worry about atm. I just got Minny Drone Spec Saturday, so I'll train that up as well. I have already lost about 1 whole point off my sec status. Soon I might need to have Ligand come down with supplies, or rat so I can go up.

Speaking of Ligand. She has started doing the Planetary Interaction option. She was hesitant at first since there are people on the Temperate planets, but decided it was best when she saw how much she could make fairly quickly. Though she has yet to sell anything, I think it will earn her enough. What's great is that she has not given up her mining either. My aspirations for pvp brought us both down to less than 10 mil. and she keeps having to spend a little here and there as hidden charges for PI. But I'm sure that the benefit outweighs the cost. Need to be able to afford the 'cane before I can fly it. :P

Well that's the latest. I will see you all in game, later!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok folks, well that was short lived. With my summer class in full swing and my job starting next week, I've realized that joining Helljumpers, which ended up joining Dead Terrorists alliance, was really a bad idea. It's too much work right now to have to register for 3 different KB's and a couple different forums. And then the different TeamSpeak channels to sign up for (I much prefer vent, to be honest). Coordinating ops that I can make, plus I can't fly all that well of ships, can't even use T2 turrets yet. Though I think I might try to get into a rifter, so, having t2 autocannons would be a good idea. Anyway, this is basically a shout out to any low-sec corps willing to take in a 7mil SP character for a little bit. I'd sure appreciate it.

Oh, i forgot, I can use a Sentinel now, ewar ftw!