Thursday, February 3, 2011

How long has it been?

So, I realise that I've kind of let this blog get all cobwebby and what not, but since I don't have a sub during my time at school, there's not really a use for keeping this up. However, after talking with a member of #tweetfleet-Asheyna-I've decided that I need to at least TRY to keep this updated. I will prolli be doing mostly origin fiction for my Eve characters, Euc, Ligand, and newest member Abby. Euc is, of course, a pirate, and (was) my main. Ligand is a miner/hauler right on the verge of finally getting a Hulk. Abby is going to be my misc alt. I'm hoping to get her to either do Incursions, WH exploration, or maybe-and this is a BIG maybe-get her in Noir. Academy and eventually in Noir. for merc work. She'll do a lot of combat, whether that turns into PvE or PvP, remains to be seen.

Later folks,