Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Restart (WIP)

So, I'm thinking of starting Eucleides over, and using the new 60 day trial to do it. Not sure what I'm going to do with him. So, I wrote some fiction, hoping it might help a little in my decision.

“I'm thinking of starting over.”

“How do you mean?”

“I've heard that there is a way to transfer into a new body, start over your life as a capsuleer, thinking about maybe trying that out.”

Eucleides had contacted Abby and Ligand to discuss 'urgent matters that requires your advice,' as the message read. Here they were in person now, stuck at the back of a pub they frequented in Jita. This was the matter that Euc needed to discuss, it seemed.

“Okay, I can understand, to a point, needing to redo, but that drastic,” Abby questioned.

“Indeed, my sec status is low enough, and I've basically got nothing. Plus I put in all that mining stuff- no offense Lig- and I'm just not wanting to do that at the moment. If I restart, I can focus on certain aspects and go from there.”

“First, nothing wrong with being able to get some minerals or ice, you know,” Ligand interjected, “second, how are you going to do this? As far as I know, no cloning facility offers such a thing.”

“True, it is not offered by basic cloning facilities. However, there ARE less than legal ways of getting this procedure.”

“Wait, what,” Abby exclaimed, “you're going to go to some back-ass deep space facility?”

“Of course not! I'd like to keep my brain alive. The Caldari actually have a great facility that does this, expensive though it may be.”

“But how? It's not like you can just change brains with the flip of a switch-”

“Actually it is almost as simple as that. There is a machine that can temporarily hold your conscience and then insert your conscience either back into your body, or into a new one.”
“Well where the hell you going to get a new body from? Do those just grow on trees nowadays,” Abby remarked sarcastically.

“Close enough. With the cloning tech that this place has, you can customize your body, even your race, to your specifications. Not that I'm going to change much, if anything. I'll still be me, just a clean slate. I can focus on...oh I don't even know what, but I'll be different. I'll be focused, start off small, specialize in Interceptors, something, I don't know. But, I really think this is the right decision. Lig, you've been awfully quiet, thoughts,” Eucleides posed.

“Yeah whatever, do as you want. My thing is, they only allow your name once on a capsuleer license, for all podders, so what's your new name going to be? Huh? It isn't like you can just stay 'Eucleides'. And 'Eucleides v2' or 'Eucleides 2.0' are out because then people will know you underwent this fairly illegal procedure. So?”

“True, that does pose a problem, and I'm still not sure. 'Euc' would be open, as it isn't the same, and it does let me keep the important part of the name. We'll see, I guess. You're basing this on the assumption that I actually go through with this, though. And I'm still making up my mind on that. If I do, we should take advantage of those new sixty day licenses. I'd have a lot to make up. Going from over nine mil units back to basics. Oh man that would be a pain.”

“And yet you're still thinking about doing it,” Abby countered.

“We'll see. We'll see.”

“You know,” Ligand remarked, “I distinctly recall you wanting to be a Logistics pilot a while back. You could always go for that. And those Recon ships wouldn't be too far off.”

“Are you seriously encouraging this,” Abby exclaimed, “you can't be serious!”

“Well, in the long run, it's his decision. I'm just providing more options for him to focus on. Besides, until he finds some new pvp corp that'll take him as a Logi, or even new pirate, or whatever, he'll have to stick around us for a while. And even better, this means we are now ahead of him in skill.”

“Not experience, though. I'll still have my memories and what not.”

“Hun,” Ligand put a hand on Eucleides' shoulder, “experience doesn't help you if you haven't the skills or weapons to do the job properly.”

In the long-run, I think I will go for logi/recon, because Guardians and Curses are awesome. But I'm just sad to be MAYBE getting rid of my oldest character. Though, might keep him around for prosperity's sake. Not like I'll be able to use his full name anyway. I don't know. We'll see what the situation is like come the 16th when I resub.

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