Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Future is now!

Actually, no it isn't. So, I was able to get online for a few days thanks to some promotion for 5 days free, that was good, got Abby nicely along for going into exploration and such. Which brings me to the point of the title. My RL buddy who got me into Eve and has been on hiatus for quite a while now, really wants to get back in the game. We've been attempting to figure out what our course of action will be once it gets to be a time that we can sub without repercussions (after school is out and final exams are over). Neither of us have ever put a concerted effort towards trade and manufacturing, nor have we done any actual exploration within New Eden. So the preliminary plan is to spend the first 1-3 weeks just mining the hell out of everything. During this time, we'll be watching the prices of different things to figure out what to manufacture, and then sell sell sell. Won't be that simple, I know, but again it's just preliminary planning. All the while, skills will be learned, bought, learned, and so on. Onward and upward towards...whatever we decide. For me, the first thing I'm doing when I get back in is either buying the exhumers skill and training that to 3 on Ligand, or I'm getting Abby into a cruiser with T2/best-named fits. Cruiser TBA, but the Navy Caracal looks nice (and it goes along with my friends exploration-based Omen Navy Issue), though a blackbird wouldn't be too bad an idea. I just can't ever remember if you can jam NPC's in anomolies, DED spaces, etc.

Oh, I should explain who Abby is and what-not. Abby is my to-be main. Eucleides is my almost 3yr ex-main, who I had do piracy and now has a -7.42 sec status(kind of useless in long run, now). Ligand is the second oldest. She's an industrial/hauler-based pilot. And Abby is now...3 months young and will be PvE oriented. I look forward to using Abby, as I'm trying something different with her, I'm going to see how RP works. Will probably be talking to Angus, the filthy role-player, from Fly Reckless podcast about how he got into RP and how he's able to keep it up. *snicker snicker...w/e*
I am setting some boundaries to the RP, though. I will probably not be speaking in character to my RL buddy while we are doing our whole thing. And this blog will be for both RP and not. Public chats that #tweetfleet members will be in...are up in the air about the RP, imo.

I have a couple of posts coming eventually. One is on how unsubbed people can be involved in the community without having an actual character. The other is a short story on the origins of Eucleides and my RL friend's toon, who will remain anonymous for the time being.

Well, that's the sitch at the moment. I'll attempt to keep you all up-to-date...ish.

Eucleides aka Ligand Nital aka Abby Baxter

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